Spiders From Mars

David Bowie-

A huge loss… A huge influence… A blessing to have been influenced by this strange and wonderful artist/musician.

We have lost many, but his lost effected me more than others. No tears were shed. I can say waking up at 5am and hearing this news, set the tone for my day.  It’s personally unexplainable on why, or I can’t really pinpoint an certain way I felt. I can say sadness for sure. Processing it ALL day…

I loved his work and who he was. Though I never met him. ” It’s like losing a favorite uncle you rarely see. You know he exists and always feel the influence when you need it.” This was said to me by a friend. I think it somes it up perfectly. I jammed his music constantly as I painted, for sure influenced some of my work. Death is a strange event. I am curious about, you will see it in my work. I’m still a bit curious why this event was so moving for me…

Thank you, to the man who fell to earth!

Happy New Year!

2016 is shaping up to be a busy, art filled year. With new mixed-media painting and photography shows.

I am looking forward to all the exhibitions offered thus far… Enjoy the new and improved website. I will be tweeking things here and there. A continued work in progress.

A BIG thank you to all who support me and the arts!